Aha OTT is streaming Suryakantham Telugu movie

Tollywood is the new talk of the town. Indians have showered the Tollywood industry with a lot of love recently. Movies are getting dubbed in other languages, and people love to watch these action movies. Telugu movies have action in it, but the story is very captivating in almost all the movies. The story is often filled with humor, romance, thrill, and good music, exactly what an audience desires in a movie. The film is a magnificent departure from the real world and offers us a break from our modest life. We also learn a lot from movies. Telugu movies also teach us incredible life lessons. Nowadays, with the availability of different OTT platforms, we can stream Telugu movies online from the comfort of our beds.

Suryakantham is also a Telugu movie that you can avail of in the Aha app, a streaming service. Suryakantham is a worth watching movie. Suryakantham is a 2019 Indian Telugu-language heartfelt movie featuring NiharikaKonidela, Rahul Vijay, and PerleneBhesania. American-based Yerramreddy and Yarabolu produce the film under the flag of Nirvana Cinemas. Abhi (Rahul Vijay) is good to get married to Pooja (PerleneBhesania), a young lady who has gradually started to fall. In any case, he strolls into his life, his ex Suryakantham (NiharikaKonidela) like the tropical storm that she is. Stuck between both, Abhi battles to find some approach to solve the circumstance calmly. Their back story was that they were in love.

However, Suryakantham is responsible and chooses to flee from the circumstance as opposed to confronting it. However, that doesn’t mean it is not loved since it is. She likewise chooses to stroll once again into his life at an awful time, causing issues. Still, she declines to surrender. The primary portion of the film, which took time setting up the characters of Abhi and Pooja and the connection between them, soon transforms into a funny story that doesn’t take itself seriously once Suryakantham enters the situation.

Aha is a streaming service that has different content of different genres. It is a newly developed OTT streaming service. The content available in the application is only in the Telugu language. Arha Media & Broadcasting Pvt Ltd owns Aha. The organization is a joint venture by Geetha Arts and My Home Group. After signing up for the application, you can watch it on the web or download the app to watch movies and web series. There are also a few free web series and movies that you can watch without any subscription fees. But to watch the premium content, you will have to pay the subscription charges, which are significantly less. Aha has original movies and web series too. You can get entertained by this online movies website with just a click away to sign in.