EXPAND – Long Term Stay

Do you want to find out more about the Christian faith?

Are you looking for a first-hand experience of living in Christian community?

Do you have a heart for missions and would like to gain skills and confidence?


Join us for EXPAND!

Bible study class Group 5

The Tahlee team is an interdenominational and multicultural Christian community, living and working closely together to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. The EXPAND program is our invitation for you to join us for a period of 1-6 months. We will get to know each other really well during this time, and our heart-felt wish is that you will be richly blessed through this experience.

In the program, we want to help you to EXPAND your experience and abilities in a number of ways:


We will explore together what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, what the Bible tells us about His commands to us and how we can be proclaimers of the Gospel to a lost world around us.

Community Life

You will experience Christian community life as one possible expression of the “Body of Christ” with its special benefits and challenges.

Multiple Cultures

You will look beyond your own cultural background by living together with people from all around the world, and we will explore how multicultural Christian community is a model and a foretaste of Christ calling together the believers of all nations.

Caring for Creation

Tahlee is blessed in a special way with the beauty of God’s creation. You will live under open skies, surrounded by the waterfront and by the Australian bushland, with lots of wildlife to observe. Caring for and sustaining God’s creation is part of our Christian mandate and it will be a topic during your stay.

English Language

We realize that a lack of English skills can be a barrier and a limiting factor for people from non-English backgrounds, even in Christian ministry. At Tahlee, you will have regular English lessons from qualified English teachers and you will be immersed in an English speaking environment.

Practical Skills

You will be working alongside us in different work areas of our community such as cleaning, gardening, property maintenance and kitchen, as part of your overall experience of staying at Tahlee.

 Gardening Group 1 Group 3  Unloading food

The costs of your stay (food and accommodation) will be covered by your work contribution. We are flexible to arrange a combination of your stay at Tahlee with our training courses such as the Certificate IV TESOL course. We also invite you to join our outreach activities and gain practical experience in Christian ministry.

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