Terms and Conditions

Please take notice of the following terms and conditions if you plan a stay at Tahlee.



The Tahlee property is owned and administered by Tahlee Ministries Inc., which is a Christian organisation involved in evangelism, discipleship, training, camping and retreats. On the basis of our Mission and Doctrinal Statements, Tahlee Ministries Inc. reserves the right to:

  • refuse any booking for camping or accommodation, or use of its facilities, by any individual or group.
  • terminate the booking of any individual or group and ask them to leave the property, if their behaviour is unacceptable.

The Tahlee property is an alcohol and drug-free zone. Smoking is not permitted in or near any buildings or on verandahs. Cigarette butts are to be disposed of responsibly. Tahlee abounds with natural wildlife, some of which are unique and rare, and some gardens are heritage listed. Therefore, all flora and fauna are protected. Dogs, cats and other pets are not permitted on the property. Tahlee Ministries Inc. has procedures in place to manage critical incidents and emergencies. The Group coordinator should be familiar with these procedures as outlined in the Visitors Information Sheet received when checking in. All guests need to abide by the regulations detailed in the Visitors Information Sheet received when checking in.



A signed Booking Form and the payment of a bond, are required to confirm a booking. The bond will be refunded after your visit, provided all keys are returned, any breakage is paid for, and the units and any facilities used are left clean. A charge may be made for any excessive cleaning sustained. Final numbers of guests are to be advised to the Tahlee office, one week prior to arrival. If catering is required, numbers are required two weeks prior to arrival. Full payment must be made before departure. If your camp falls outside office hours, please make alternative arrangements with staff on duty to make your payment. In the case of large groups booking the whole property, prior arrangements can be made for an invoice to be issued. This invoice must be paid within 7 days. Payment beyond 30 days will attract a 5% penalty. Tahlee Ministries Inc. reserves the right to require payment in part or full of the advised cost prior to the event, and to cancel the booking if that payment is not made. All damages, losses and breakages to the Tahlee property or equipment must be reported. A charge may be made to cover the cost of repair or replacement, except in the event that such damage, loss or breakage has arisen through negligence of Tahlee Ministries Inc. its staff or volunteers.



It is recognized that on occasions a booking has to be cancelled or postponed because of changes in the hirer’s arrangements. Tahlee Ministries still incurs expenses (particularly in relation to ordering of food and loss of other bookings) and in order to cover these expenses, the following policy applies:

  • If a cancellation or postponement is received more than three months prior to the date booked, the bond will be refunded.
  • If a cancellation or postponement is received less than three months prior to the date booked, the bond will be forfeited, unless another booking is received.
  • All cancellations or postponements must be made in writing.



Guests should supply their own linen and bedding – sheets or sleeping bag, blankets, pillowcases and towels (one pillow provided per person per bed). No kitchen items, furniture, bedding or equipment is to be moved from buildings without permission from Tahlee staff. Ball games or other sporting activities are not to be played inside houses, units or dorm rooms. Food or drink are not to be taken into sleeping areas.



You are responsible for any first aid and should bring your own supplies. Responsible adult supervision is required for all guests using the swimming pool. The speed limit on the property is 15km per hour for all vehicles. When driving through Carrington Village, please observe the 50km per hour speed limit out of consideration for local residents and to minimise dust. Children riding bikes on the property must wear a safety helmet. The Tahlee Ministries staff and students (when courses are being run) live on the property and their privacy is to be respected. Noise should be kept to a minimum before 8 am and after 11 pm. Campfires are permitted only in the designated campfire area. Children are to be supervised at all times and are not to be left alone with a fire. When finished, ensure that the fire is completely out by dowsing with water or covering with earth. If you wish to have a campfire, please check with the Office (weekdays) or staff member on duty (weekends) before you make one. During the bushfire danger period (usually October to March), certain bans and regulations relating to barbecues and campfires come into effect and must be observed. Lost property will be kept for a maximum period of 2 weeks, after which unclaimed items will be donated to charity. Returning lost property will be at the owner’s expense. Tahlee Ministries Inc. will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any equipment or possessions of guests during the period of their booking.