Group Events

Tahlee Camp

Are you looking for a place to run your group convention, camp or retreat? Tahlee might be just the right place to make this event unforgettable!

We offer several self contained group retreat centres for smaller groups but can also accommodate large groups using all available accommodation units and camping spaces. For small and medium-sized groups, our catering team can provide meals for you in our historic dining room. Otherwise, our facilities allow for self-catering.

Groups have the use of a meeting room for worship and studies. For conferences and training courses, meeting/lecture rooms are available as well as a PA system, white board, data projector and access to the internet.

The multi-purpose Auditorium is a venue for indoor activities as well as a meeting room. We provide the environment for various recreational outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, bushwalking, campfires, canoeing, volleyball, soccer and the spacious grounds for all kind of sports.

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