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Tahlee Creation Kookaburra at Tahlee Tahlee Chair Sunset at the Boat Harbour

Tahlee Ministries Inc. is an interdenominational missions organisation. Our ministry centres around a multicultural Christian community living and working closely together to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Tahlee property provides facilities for Churches and other Christian groups to run camps, retreats and seminars. Families and individuals also come and stay for holidays and recreation.

When booking, guests are asked to sign a booking form to confirm that they agree to abide by the “Terms and Conditions for hiring Tahlee accommodation and facilities“.

Tahlee Ministries reserves the right to:

– decline a booking in situations where it is considered the use of the facilities does not conform to the doctrines of evangelical Christianity as set out in Tahlee’s Statement of Faith”

– terminate the booking of any individual or group and ask them to leave the property if their behaviour is unacceptable.

Over time, the spacious Tahlee grounds have provided a place of retreat for countless numbers of visitors, though at times Tahlee can be a busy meeting place full of life and laughter as well. We love both the busy and the quiet times which alternate just like the tides of the bay on which we are located.

It is our continuing prayer that everyone coming on site will be blessed and touched by God.

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